Some 10 years ago I created this site to help visitors and property buyers find there way around the North Coast of Jamaica especially Duncans Bay. A few years ago I made some alteration to the site but I am sorry to say I have left it to do it's own thing.

This site has helped me to know Jamaica and understand the people of Jamaica over the last 11 years I have lived in Jamaica. I have achieved a massive amount of thanks for creating this site, thank you all.

Why Duncans Bay?

Duncans Bay in Trelawny, is a central area of the North Coast that I have come to love. Duncans Bay is located right next to the gated community of Silversands. Trelawny has grow over the years faster than most Parishes in Jamaica and the main town is Falmouth, just a few minutes drive away. I am sure you have heard of Falmouth, if not, you have missed a vastly important part of Jamaica.

Map of Duncans Bay

Duncans Bay Beach is one of the most relaxing beashes around.Duncans Bay is just a few miles down the road from Falmouth, 15 minutes drive!

Why would you have to know about Falmouth?

Because Falmouth became the centre of Jamaica when it built the most amazing harbour on the North Coast, bringing the largest and most beautiful Cruse Ships on the Caribbean seas.

Visit Falmouth Town in Trelawny

This site is all about buying and Renting Jamaican Properties along the North Coast of Jamaica, we aimed to give you an insight of the area and places to visit. The North Coast is full of ideas and places to have fun on your vacation so come on in and have a look around.

Land of Wood and Water, that is Jamaica.

Here we will see a whole new concept to living and working in Jamaica. You will be able to email us, we will always find time to answer your emails and discuss Jamaica with you. You may have a topic of interest to Jamaican's here and abroad as well as our regular viewer's from overseas.

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Jamaica that’s where we are based and we aim to give you the opportunity to be part of our team networking together to give you support in Jamaica.

Xaymaca Media has created a range of items structured to give you a choice if you are planning to come to Jamaica for your vacation, live here or a Returnee coming to Jamaica for good.


Properties for Sale in Jamaica

Buying property in Jamaica has become a new way of life for Returnee’s and Visitors to Jamaica.

Visit Dunns River Falls on the North Coast of JamaicaA place to take your family and enjoy the sunshine and the beaches, has made Jamaica top of the list for many people looking for a great vacation.

I almost wish I had made this a Blog Site because of the interest I have received in this site. One of my main aims for doing this site was to help people, both in Jamaica and abroad. It's done just that! I have helped to sell over 80 properties, a figure I am proud of and happy to have had no problems along the way.

Falmouth Town Centre

Falmouth Town in Trelawny looking it's best since it was updated to meet the new era bought to the town, Cruise Ships and holiday makers from all over the world.

Now in January 2014 I am here again selling and designing new and old properties in Jamaica.

This was not the only site I created; I also built and ran JA Projects, which became massive hit!

With Xaymaca Media and JA Projects you had the complete package when it came to properties in Jamaica which made us leaders for online presence and client care.

Outameni Experience

You can buy a Villa or invest in a Plot of land, where you can build your dream house to your own design.

Talk to us and we can help you to find the right place along the North Coast of Jamaica, for instance Duncans Bay. Or if you have a property in Jamaica you wish to sell please email us and we will add it to our list FREE of charge.


Buying costs can be are very high in Jamaica.
Buying or Selling - Your Fees The Precentage Cost  
Legal Fees 1.50% - 3.00% (+ 16.5% GCT) Buyer
Legal Fees 1.50% - 3.00% (+ 16.5% GCT) Seller
Stamp Duty 1.50% Buyer
Stamp Duty 1.50% Seller
Registration Fee 0.25% Buyer
Registration Fee 0.25% Seller
Agreement for Sale 0.20% (+ 16.5% GCT) Buyer
Agreement for Sale 0.20% (+ 16.5% GCT) Seller
Transfer Tax 4% Seller
Real Estate Agentís Fee 3% - 5% (+ 16.5% GCT) Seller
Costs paid by buyer 3.73% - 5.478%  
Costs paid by seller 11.2255% - 15.303%  

Anyone from foreign can own property in Jamaica without any restrictions.

When purchasing property in Jamaica the first step is to make an offer to your seller. Upon acceptance by the seller or vendor, a land survey and title search is conducted to confirm if there are any other claims or conflicting interests registered against the property.

Once fully satisfied, the buyer is advised to lodge a request to court on the property to prohibit any other interest from being registered against the property, until transfer has been completed. After signing the sale agreement, an application should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar of Titles, and government duties paid.

Important Note: documents on conveyance of land must be stamped within 30 days of signing, to avoid substantial penalties.

The transfer of the deed signals the completion of the sale. The whole process of registering a property in Jamaica can take around 42 days to complete.

Villa Victoria - going for quick sale!

One of the properties I added to my list for sale is Villa Victoria. The Villa is located in Duncans Bay and is somewhat impressive in appearance with its Swimming Pool projecting out towards the front of the Villa.

If you wish to know more about Villa Victoria, send an email and we can discuss the cost of this Villa. The Villa is filled with antiques, most of which will be priced with the Villa cost.

And the Villa is still opened for your Villa Vacations. Click the button below to view a few pictures of this great Villa.

Villa Victoria Jamaica Please tell your friends about us...


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