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The small Town of Duncan is approximately half way between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios on the North Coast of Jamaica.

It consists of a small variety of shops, restaurants, and bars; and seems frozen in time as with the town land mark, the clock tower.

Although a little run down, it is friendly and easy going, and where you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, and the bakery makes delicious Coco-breads and Mongoose Bread.

Head East towards RIO BUENO.

On your left the Kettering Baptist church built in 1893 commemorates the famous emancipator William Knibb who, in 1840, founded a village here for freed slaves, naming it after his native town in Northamptonshire, England. William Knibb died here in 1845.

Duncans Bay

The views of Duncans Bay are breathtaking and the beach is among the best in Jamaica. Duncan, the town a few minutes drive away and Falmouth, the main town, is 20 minutes away, serves Duncans Bay for many of it's utilities. Duncans Bay has a strong history, which is felt while living in the area, the Caves are proof of this past. The area started development in the seventies; with the Silver Sands Resort next door, Duncans Bay is fast becoming the place to be.

This area is often not viewed as a Resort because of it's relax attitude towards living here, peaceful, swim in the beautiful ocean which is always just a few minutes away and you are in another world. Duncans Bay is one of Jamaica’s best-kept secrets. It is a quiet, natural, public beach, with crystal clear turquoise sea, (ideal for Snorkelling) and will satisfy all tastes from the sun seekers to beachcombers.

Fish of all colours can be seen darting in and out of the many and intricate rock pools at one end of the small bay, and beach fishing at sunrise is worth the early start. You can almost feel as if this is your own private beach, as it is mostly deserted except at weekends when local families make the most of the cool blue Caribbean waters.

There are a number of small pretty Villas, which are available as Vacation Rentals all year round and all just yards from the beach.

Duncans Bay sprawls across 750 acres with three miles of pristine oceanfront land. Plans are afoot for a comprehensive residential resort with marina, hotels, golf course and shopping area. Residential lots are already on sale. Near the ruins of an old Great House there are two caves with traces of Arawak occupation. It is said that church members hid the emancipator Rev. William Knibb and his family in these Caves when irate Slave Owners burnt his Manse and were seeking to arrest and accuse him of treason.
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